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(17.5-13.5"h x 7.5-6.5"w x 3.5-3"d)

With lines almost as soft as the pale blue of their exterior, the Austina blue enamel vases instantly add style to any room. Their smooth curves and gently flared openings are embellished with embossed surface detailing of abstract foliage. The warm gold-hued interior can be glimpsed inside the vases from certain angles, adding visual interest. 

  • The attractive flask shape of the bottles lends itself to a variety of decorating uses
  • Crafted in aluminum, the metal adds a unique texture to any room or design scheme
  • Sized to make a statement in any setting
  • Can be displayed side by side for visual impact or placed throughout the home for a cohesive theme
  • Complements a wide variety of styles
  • In set of two for variety and cohesiveness

Austina Blue Enamel Bowls Set Of 3 17.5-13.5"h x 7.5-6.5"w x 3.5-3"d

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