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Welcome to homes and you.

We are a Caribbean family owned and operated store front established for the generous gift giver, loving family member, curious individual shopper, home, and villa owner or just that person that has that special somebody and would like to say I appreciate you.


I always wanted to start something that I could pass down to my family and start a support system we all contribute towards. I started managing properties and villa 
on island and would supply small items at a cost to the property owners. Overtime I developed a surplus and eventually would have to place the items in storage. One day I decided to have a sale of all my supplies in storage. I extended a invite all the property and villa owners I knew to the sale. Once I realized the how much in need people were for things like this. In addition to the success and overwhelming support I received that day gave me the courage pursue my idea of selling unique gifts. 


Since our opening date, having young daughters glued to their phones (rolling my eyes). It was in my best interest to occupy their time effectively. I do not have a technical soul however, the young generation can share the information online better than me and develop an intelligent strategy that can get the unique items we offer to the small island across the world. Since then we have expanded our community and have been able to network with our online community with both buying and selling.


We are passionate about God and we love to service our community. The day to day has been a blessing with the usual ups and down of running a actual business with your love ones.  With my children’s help, I'm able to update inventory, change up the showroom, get to know my customer better and focus while taking care of the back end operations of the business while passing down that information to them. 

Let us know if there is any questions you have about what you would like to purchase. Supporting us is supporting a legacy for many moons and generations to come. We thank you together as one under his guidance.

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